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Surviving Lockdown

Lockdown. I find myself devastated. Those who know me well know I’m never at home; that the idea of isolation goes against the grain of all my usual behaviors. No more drag shows. No more drag bingo. No more pub quizzes with drag queens. No more LGBT+ social connection.

Then I stumbled across Just wow. I never knew I could have such an active social life without leaving my front door. Gone are the pressures of getting tarted up. No repetitive commutes into central London. No queues, indifferent service, and crushingly expensive entry fees or drinks in gay bars. It seems lock-down, in some respects, has been saved!

The drag queens could continue their performances online. @enjoysocialisolation had huge success & still go strong with amazing disco bingo nights. In particular, @speedqueerzers continues to get me through lockdown. I still look forward to their online events, twice weekly. I'm able to quiz with new friends, and a lovely host (who charges absolutely nothing). In addition, I can still work on my general knowledge in a fun, social, and exciting setting.

Between lockdowns we were able to meet in person for a Pride Picnic, Eat Out To Help Out, drag bingo with @sheilasimmonds, and to WIN the pub quiz with @topsieredfern. My new found friends also support my social radio show, tuning in regularly. This helps me to donate half my proceeds to charities in need. We're able to connect on social media, banter, laugh and joke. All the key ingredients for a thriving relationship. @speedqueerzers has also brought existing friends & I closer together, as we team up with names such as “Gil & Gaybour”, “Gil & Ho’” (Howard), & “Gil & Rickeeeee” (Eastenders reference).

With another lockdown and winter hibernation, I very much look forward to having just as active a social life online than I did before all our lives were thrown into disarray. Don’t feel lonely. Don’t feel isolated. Don’t feel bored. As much entertainment is available to you without having to leave your front door. Join me, and let's reestablish some much needed connection!

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