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We’ve designed HomoJo for the community, so we want to know what support organisations are important to you.




Supporting HomoJo isn’t just a way of demonstrating your alignment in values and creating a better community, it also helps support different charities that work directly with LGBT+ related issues. We’re very happy to be collaborating with Just Like Us, and donating 20% of our profits to their cause.


"'Just Like Us' is the LGBT+ charity for young people. Empowering them from the classroom to their careers is our purpose."

Find out more here

YOUR say

Submit your recommendations with a brief description of why, and every 6 months we will research all submissions and add to the charities we collaborate with based on what we as a community want. This is an opportunity for everyone to have their say, and help make the differences we want to see in the world.

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HomoJo would like to invite you to help teach others about the different facets of the community. We want to create a space in which we can guide and learn in a safe, neutral and friendly way. Hit our contact page if you'd like to collaborate with us in our efforts to build an informative platform that's free from judgement, and welcome to all.

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We're very excited to be collaborating with Over The Rainbow podcast in our mutual quest in cultivating LGBTQ+ learning platforms and resources. Learn about the different shades of the rainbow as Rachel explores stories and experiences from different people in the community.

LGBTQ support

"My mission is to create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people to explore their identity and find community, as well as allies; and for queer folk to engage in social activism" - Rachel, founder of Over The Rainbow podcast

Check out her fantastic work at Over The Rainbow Podcast

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